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AStA & Fachschaften (Student Union and Student Councils)

"AStA" stands for "Allgemeiner Studierenden-Ausschuss" (= Student Union). The AStA is a body of the student self-administration/representation; it is elected by the students of each university. Many student unions have AusländersprecherInnen (Spokesperson for International Students) and/or AusländerreferentInnen (Consultants for International Affairs) for the special needs of international students. Furthermore, some student unions offer social advice services. For more information, please visit the (German) websites of the student unions:

More first-hand knowledge is available at your local Fachschaftsrat (student council that is responsible for your subject of study). This is the elected student representation for all students of a certain subject of study at your university. In the student council, students do volunteer work for the benefit of other students. For example, they usually organize "freshmen rallies", introductory events giving a survey of the course of study and the premises. You can go to your local student council during consulting times.

If you are studying at the Leibniz University of Hanover, you will find the contact address of your student council on the Fachschaftsliste der Leibniz Universität. The student councils of the other universities can be reached via their student union (see list of links above).



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