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2. Opening a Bank Account

In Germany, (regular) payments are usually handled via bank transfer. Not only your semester fee, but also rent, telephone etc. can be comfortably transferred from account to account. As cashless payment becomes ever more popular in Germany, too, it is advantageous to own an EC bank card corresponding to your account, anyway.

Many banks offer students (or clients up to a certain age in general) free giro bank accounts. Banks and their EC cash points are spread all over Hanover and Germany. Just look for a conveniently located bank and open an account  there. If the account is free only for students, tell the bank that you are a student and produce a registration notice (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung or I-Bescheinigung) as soon as possible. In order to keep the free account, you must show a valid notice at the beginning of each semester.

In order to open an account you need

  • passport
  • registration notice from the university
  • registration notice from the residents' registration office, or the foreigners' registration office, respectively.

You can find further details on payment transactions on the "study-in.de" website of the Deutscher Akademisches Austauschdienst (DAAD), on page Money & Bank Accounts

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