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Dining Schedules

Please choose a dining schedule from the list of cafeterias ("Mensa") in the menu. Please note that due to technical reasons, the content of the dining schedules can only be provided in German.

If you follow a link, today's dining choices are displayed. Above today’s dishes you will find links to the dining schedules of the entire current week or of the following week.

Information on additives and allergens are displayed on a separate page when you click on a dish. Since the RSS feeds and PDFs with the weekly dining schedules do not contain these explanations, we supply a separate legend of food labeling, additives and allergens (see PDF file in German).

In the dining schedules, prices are specified in the following order: students/university staff/guests. In case of cash payment, student status or staff status must be proven upon request.

Enjoy your meal!

Vegan logo

Note on the new "vegan" labeling: Some dishes labeled "vegan" can be offered vegan upon request if you leave out a separate ingredient of animal origin at the counter (e.g. a dab of sour cream in a soup or grated cheese for pasta). So you may find dishes labelled—quite correctly—both as "vegan" and "includes dairy products". If you would like to enjoy a vegan dish, please be careful and avoid adding—unintentionally—the non-vegan ingredient the dish.

Dining Schedules as apps and RSS feed

Our dining schedules menus can be subscribed to as RSS feeds. There are also several apps that you can use. For more information, refer to the German page Speisepläne with links and explanations.

Dining Schedules as PDF files

The weekly dining schedules are also available as German PDF files (in the same table format as displayed in the cafeterias). You can find the link for this PDF at the bottom of the weekly dining schedule page of each cafeteria.



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