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"Natural(ly) fresh!"

Signet »Natürlich frisch!« | Matthias Waselowsky, StwH

For nutrition-conscious guests, we've got our special label
"Natural(ly) fresh! If a dish is labelled "Natural(ly) fresh!",
this means:

  • Home-made production from predominantly fresh ingredients
  • No instance meals or convenience foods
  • No additives 1

The high number of customer requests has shown us that there is a great demand for menu choices without additives. Allergies and food sensitivities are on the rise and many guests seek a more conscious nutrition.

We do not use eggs from caged hens. Potatoes come from regional production. We are increasingly using fish products from sustainable fisheries.

As more and more people prefer a meatless nutrition (whether completely or increasingly often), at least one vegetarian dish is available in all cafeterias each day; these are labelled accordingly.

Vegan dishes are also listed separately. Please note: the listings include some dishes that can be offered vegan upon request if you leave out a separate ingredient of animal origin at the counter (e.g. a dab of sour cream in a soup or grated cheese for pasta). So you may find dishes labelled both as "vegan" and "includes dairy products" ("Milch und Milcherzeugnisse").


1 The only exception: If we offer pasta dishes, which are served with separately grated hard cheese containing additives, we label these dishes anyway as "Natural(ly) fresh!" because the hard cheese is not an integral part of the dish and may be left out.



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