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MensaCard Kids

MensaCard Kids

Free Lunch for Student Kids

While studying, seven percent of Hanover’s students provide and care for their children. Studies, child care, and the task of making a living is a particular challenge for student parents. It isn’t always easy to meet these different requirements.

That’s why the Studentenwerk Hannover would like to relieve student parents financially und support them in their stressful everday life: Since March 2010, our MensaCard Kids offers children up to the age of 12 a free meal at the cafeterias of the Studentenwerk.

In the following you will find detailed information about the MensaCard Kids—the MensaCard for students' children.

Who is eligible?

The MensaCard Kids is available for kids of up to twelve years of age with at least one parent studying at one of the universities for which the Studentenwerk Hannover provides services:

  • Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH)
  • Hochschule Hannover (HsH = University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
  • Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH= Hannover Medical School)
    (please also see below for Special MHH MensaCard Kids)
  • Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (TiHo = University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, Foundation)
  • Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover
    (HMTMH = Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media)
  • Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft Hannover (FHDW = Business University of Applied Sciences in Hanover)

How And What?

With the MensaCard Kids, kids who are accompanied by their student mother or their student father are entitled to one free warm lunch (at the Contine it is also possible to get dinner) once a day. Available meals: "Eintopf" = pot of stew/soup, "Tellergericht" = main dish with fixed side dish, "Wahlmenü" = main dish with choice of a maximum of two side dishes; also: pizza, fries.

The precondition is that the student mother or father buys a complete meal for her- or himself (e.g., "Eintopf", "Tellergericht", "Wahlmenü" with at least one side dish chosen; or a choice of three side dishes).

Where and How?

Students can obtain the MensaCard Kids at the main cafeteria ("Hauptmensa"), Callinstraße 23, at the MensaCard desk in the foyer (Mon–Fri 12:00–14:00 h, during semester break 12:00–13:30 h). You have to bring along your student identity card or your university registration certificate and the birth certificate of your child, and you have to supply your address.

Students who cannot visit the MensaCard desk at the main cafeteria have to give their address at the cafeteria which they attend and hand in a copy of their student identity card/university registration certificate and the birth certificate of their child. They can fetch the MensaCard Kids for their child at the same cafeteria a few days later.

What else?

You have to confirm the receipt of the MensaCard Kids by signature. There is no deposit taken for this type of MensaCard.

How long?

The MensaCard Kids is valid until the end of the semester which has been proven. It may be prolonged by supplying again the necessary certificates as described above.

Any Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, our staff at the MensaCard desk (Hauptmensa) will be delighted to help you along.

We wish all student families a good time with the MensaCard Kids—and enjoy your meal!

Studentenwerk Hannover
University Dining Services Department
Callinstraße 23
30167 Hanover
Phone: +49 511 76-88 053
(Mon–Fri 12:00–14:00 h)

This information is also available as a German leaflet "MensaCard Kids" [PDF].


MensaCard Kids at the Medical School (MHH)

With this Card, students of the Medical School Hanover (MHH) can obtain one dish ("Tellergericht" for up to € 3) for their child for free in the MHH cafeteria if the student mother or father also buys a complete meal for her- or himself at the same time.

The MensaCard Kids at the MHH, which is funded by the Studentenwerk Hannover, may be picked up at the MHH Office for Gender Equality ("Gleichstellungsbüro") Mondays–Thursdays 9:00–14:00 h and Fridays 9:00–12:00 h. The card is non-transferable.

A cash or residual cash refund is not possible. Excess amounts over € 3 can be paid in cash at the cash register in the cafeteria.

For more information on the MHH MensaCard Kids, refer to www.mh-hannover.de/infos-studierende-mit-kind.html (German page).



Studentenwerk Hannover
University Dining Services Dept.

Callinstraße 23
30167 Hannover

Phone +49 511 76-88 034
Fax +49 511 76-88 910