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Don’t Wait—Get a Card!

As early as 1996, the Studentenwerk Hannover introduced a non-cash pay system in its cafeterias and student cafés in order to reduce waiting times at checkouts. The MensaCard is a mere money-card without any other functions. So: Get yourself a MensaCard and make things faster for everyone.

Students of the Leibniz Universität Hannover already owning a LeibnizCard, the HsH (Hochschule Hannover) and the TiHo (Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover) don't need a MensaCard, they can use their university cards in the cafeterias and student cafés.

How to Get a MensaCard

As a student you just need
• Student identity card or university registration certificate
• Document with a photograph (identity card, passport, driving licence)
• € 5 deposit
• Money for topping up the card

The MensaCard for students entitles you to get the cheaper student prices. They are only handed out if the student status is proven by a student ID card and a document with a photograph. You are charged a deposit of € 5 for the card which you’ll retrieve when you give the card back.

Where to Get the Mensacard

The MensaCard is available at the checkouts of all cafeterias and student cafés. At the Hauptmensa (main cafeteria) you can get it at the MensaCard desk in the foyer (Mon–Fri 12:00–14:00 h) and at the cash checkouts.

How to Top up the MensaCard

You get the MensaCard without credit. Before you can actually use it, you must top the card up (load some credit). For the first topping up: In all cafeterias and student cafés where you receive the MensaCard at the checkout, the first topping up also takes place at the checkouts. You can pay any amount from € 5 to € 70 which is then credited to your MensaCard. In the main cafeteria (Hauptmensa), please use one of the reloading machines to top up your MensaCard for the first time.

For topping up later on, please use the reloading machines available in all cafeterias and larger student cafés. The reloading machines accept bills of € 5, 10, 20 and 50. Some cafeterias also have special reloading machines where you can use your electronic cash card (= EC card) to top the MensaCard up.

How to Pay with the MensaCard

At the checkout you put your card onto the scanning device. The credit, the fee, and the remaining credit show on the display. Please leave your card on the scanning device as long as the payment takes! If you don’t, there might be reading errors. In order to avoid queues at the checkouts you should make sure to have some credit left on your card. You can always control and, if necessary, increase your credit at the reloading machines.

For How Long is the MensaCard Valid?

The card is usually valid for as long as the presented student ID card was. This means that you must prove your status as a student about every 6 months. You just have to show your student ID card and a document with a photograph at one of the checkouts. It is advisable to always take these documents with you! When you are leaving university you just give back the MensaCard and get your deposit back.

Can you also Pay Cash at the Cafeterias and Student Cafés?

You can pay cash in most of our dining facilities though not at all checkouts. The cash checkouts are specially signposted. In general we encourage our guests to use cards in order to make everything work smoothly. Please note: In the cafeterias TiHo-Tower and Caballus students can only pay with cards! 

Do you Have any Further Questions About the MensaCard?

Send us an e-mail to mensen(at)studentenwerk-hannover.de or call us directly at +49 511 76-88 969. Of course, our colleagues at the cafeterias will be happy to help you, as well.


Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen für die bargeldlose Zahlung (general terms and conditions for cashless payments, German)



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