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University Sports

Please note: the Hochschulsport Hannover (university sports Hanover) is not part of the Studentenwerk—but of course it we have to include it here …

The Zentrum für Hochschulsport der Leibniz Universität Hannover (ZfH = centre for university sports Hanover) offers an attractive and extensive sports programme to all students and members of the cooperating universities (Leibniz University Hannover; Hannover Medical School; University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, Foundation; Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media; Hochschule Hannover—University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover). It includes more than 500 courses and activities in 100 kinds of sport, both during the semester and in the semester breaks. As of spring 2013, the programme is enhanced by new offers such as a climbing gym or a fitness studio—in the new multi-purpose sports building just erected (for up-to-date information, visit the ZfH website). Most of the courses are free for students; a registration is only necessary for special courses.

The sports courses offer is enhanced by a multitude of sports travel activities, workshops, tournaments/competitions and special events. The offers are targeted at everybody, and there is something for everyone in the programme—regardless of former experience. Entry-level courses are offered for learning a new sport, and advanced and pro-level courses for improving abilities and skills. Groups offer additional training options: here people with experience in a certain sport meet and practise and play on their own in the group. Anyone who likes competing with others can do so in special training/competition groups. These meet regularly for practice and participate in tournaments, i.e. the German University Games.
University sports are much more than "just" sports. Primarily, the courses are not about achieving top performances. They are rather about everybody having the chance to do sports with friends and acquaintances and to make new contacts. In the summer, there are attractive travel activities on offer: catamaran sailing, sailing tours, white-water canoeing, wind surfing, mountainbiking and climbing. In the winter, mountain and cross-country skiing as well as snowboarding travel activities are a set programme offer.

The yearly University Sports Festival in the summer, organized in collaboration by all universities, is very popular, too. There are mass sports tournaments, innovative join-in-activities and performances. Having fun is at the center of this event—including the free-of-charge, cheerful open-air party at the end. During the winter semester, the "Winter's Night Delight" (a volleyball and basketball competition) and the International Ball take place. In addition, at the beginning of the year there is usually a gala honoring student sportsmen and sportswomen winning medals in national and international University Games.

Foreign student groups or groups at faculties have the option to apply for fixed dates at the ZfH, where they can use the premises as a closed circle. You can get information on the application procedure and vacancies at the ZfH service office.

"By students for students" is the ZfH motto. For servicing this offer, the ZfH is constantly looking for interested students who would like to become paid trainers and motivate others to do sports. For more information on vacancies and the application procedure, the ZfH service office or the ZfH trainers in charge of courses will be happy to answer you.

For detailed information on offers, sports travel, news and much more, refer to www.hochschulsport-hannover.de.

In addition, you can find programme posters on info boards at all university locations, as well as info flyers in the Leibniz university's ServiceCenter, at the student unions, the Studentenwerk's Hauptmensa and many other places.



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