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Promoting Cultural Activities

The Studentenwerk Hannover supports a variety of student cultural activities, e.g., by granting subsidies. There are bands and choirs as well as theatre, cabaret, performing arts and literature groups. Our major condition for support is that the group consists of students. We do not support single students and study-related group activities. The Studentenwerk does not subsidise activities fully (100 %). That means that all student groups must make a contribution of their own in any case. The application must be handed in before the activity begins.

You can find detailed information about the Studentenwerk’s cultural support in the guidelines

Studentenwerk Hannover
Department for Social and International Affairs

Student House Lodyweg 1 C
30167 Hanover
Linda Wilken
Phone +49 511 76-88 930



Studentenwerk Hannover
Social and International Affairs Dept.

Lodyweg 1 C
30167 Hannover

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