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Culture in Hanover

Even if Hanover is said to be a bit provincial, it has an extensive cultural scene with something for every taste. Especially in regard to theatres and museums, Hanover can easily bear the comparison with other cities.

You will find detailed information about

  • events of all kind,
  • museums,
  • theatres,
  • concerts of all styles,
  • cinemas,
  • gastronomic spots,
  • nightlife,
  • sports,
  • and much more

on hannover.de, most also in English language. The offers are so extensive, that even natives of Hanover can always discover something new …

The non-commercial citizen information system Nananet is a bit more alternative—it is worthwhile foraging for offers, too. (At present, this service is provided in a makeshift manner only.)

Most of the times, it is possible to get reduced student tickets for events, museums etc. So—don’t forget your student card!

You are not satisfied with going to cultural events and your thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched at university? You would like to speak another foreign language or learn to dance Flamenco besides your course of study? No problem! The Volkshochschule, the Bildungsverein, and many other educational institutions offer courses on almost everything. Students get reductions, but it is always worthwhile to compare prices, as private schools can be quite expensive.



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