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In Hanover, there are three main points of arrival: Airport, main train station and main bus station. If you plan to arrive by car, you should purchase a detailed map of Germany/Hanover. On the hannover.de website, you will find some overview maps as well as the official map of Hanover.


The Hanover Airport has three levels of arrival. You can get a coffee or a snack 24 hours a day.

There are taxi stands at ground level open day and night, but please note: A taxi ride to the city costs about € 20–25. The suburban railway ("S-Bahn") is much cheaper; you will find the S-Bahn station on the underground level. The line S 5 takes no more than 20 minutes to the city centre, main train station. Tickets are available on the platform at the ticket vending machine. Please choose a two-zones ticket for the ride to the main train station. The S-Bahn commutes every half hour, except between 0 and 5 a.m.

If you arrive in the middle of the night, transport options are limited. Hotels at the airport are very expensive. If you want to save money, don’t stay at the hotel or take a taxi drive, just stay over night at the airport and venture into the city the next day.

Main Train Station

Hanover Main Station is situated directly in the centre of the city. The ServicePoint "DB Information" of the Deutsche Bahn can be found in the main hall, close to the south-east main exit to Ernst-August-Platz. Here you can get information on train travel, schedules of metropolitan and long-distance trains as well as further details about the city and its hotels all around the clock. The Bahnhofsmission (traveller's aid) offers information to travellers and strangers as well as travellers in need of help (see also German website of Hanover Bahnhofsmission). It is open 24 hours a day. Here you can spend the night with a cup of coffee and nice people and leave the adventure of exploring Hanover for the next day. You will find the Bahnhofsmission in the main train station in the north-west exit (direction of Raschplatz).

Main Bus Station

To be honest: The Main Bus Station (Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof = ZOB) for sure does not look very welcoming. You just have to go around the corner, though, and will find yourself at the main train station: The ZOB is situated directly at the north-west exit of the main train station (direction of Raschplatz).

Where Can I Spend the First Nights?

At hotel.de you will find a list of hotels. It is possible to book a hotel online. You can also find cheap hotels at casamundo.co.uk. At the time being, the cheapest hotel rooms in Hanover cost about € 30 per night (excluding breakfast).

A cheap alternative is the Youth Hostel Hanover (you can book an accommodation online, too). It is about 3,5 km away from the main train station. You must buy a one-zone ticket, take the tram lines 3 or 7 (direction of Wettbergen/Wallensteinstraße) and get off at the station "Fischerhof". Another 5 minutes by foot take you to the youth hostel at the "Ferd.-Wilh.-Fricke-Weg 1" (please refer to the Hanover city map). If you should own a youth hostel card from your home country, make sure to show it. The youth hostels of the German Youth Hostel Association accept cards from over 60 countries.

Further details about temporary accommodation and tips for the upcoming hunt for a room or an apartment can be found in our website's "Rooms & Residence" section, page Tips for the Room Hunt.



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